> > ETAPP aims to be a centre of excellence in the training of future generations of Alexander teachers. The programme is designed for each student to develop his/her highest capacities. Students are encouraged to integrate the principles of the Alexander Technique in their daily lives, and to develop into authentic and unique Alexander Teachers. All ETAPP's trainers are experienced teachers of the Alexander Technique and members of STAT and APTA.

> ETAPP aims to encourage a measure of self-criticism among its teachers so they do not fall into the traps of complacency and arrogance, and it offers a contemporary approach to adult education. Students are accepted into training as equals who participate and take responsibility for their own process.

> ETAPP welcomes visiting teachers and students from different trainings and lineages in an atmosphere of openness and respect. It organises exchanges between different European schools.

> ETAPP offers a space in which teachers are welcome to visit freely after their training and continue to develop their teaching skills in an atmosphere of mutual enquiry.

> ETAPP also offers post-graduate training at the school. Qualified teachers from any school are welcome to participate in the training as advanced students. This course of study can be tailor-made to include a minimum of two days per week over a period of between one to three terms. A certificate will be awarded in recognition of this post-graduate study.

> ETAPP aims to establish a network in which teachers can meet regularly to engage in creative dialogue and to exchange work.

ETAPP believes in ongoing dialogue and debate within the Alexander community without having to compromise the essentials of the technique. Fixed dogma and orthodoxy can stifle this creativity.